This catalogue is for shops who order wholesale. Designs in Latest Work are also available for wholesale.

Each block of images has some descriptive words to help you find what you're looking for. If you know the name of the card design you can search for that too. (In both cases, just use Ctrl+F and type in the name or descriptive word/tag).

Block 1: flowers; frog; birds; nature

Block 2: flowers; birds; insects; butterflies; bees; animals

Block 3: fairies; home; sewing; tea; reading; books; witches

Block 4: fairies; butterflies; insects; knitting; tea; birthday; cake; aliens; leprechauns; dogs; garden; animals

Block 5: women; ladies; dancing; birthday; cake; friends; chatting; Jane Austen

Block 6: trees; landscape; sky

Block 7: man; moon; fairies; magic; werewolf; night; stars; winter; trees

Block 8: witches; magic; magical creatures

Block 9: werewolves

Block 10: Romantic; Valentines; Weddings

Block 11: Romantic; Valentines; Weddings

Block 12: New Babies and Young Children